Daily Prompt: Panoply

via Daily Prompt: Panoply How do we know God is on our side? Some people may think when things are going well for them God is on their side but when things are against them they think God is not on their side. The truth is, however, God can use the negative and the positive […]

Obama’s citizenship, religion, and legacy in question

Donald Trump’s meritorious presidential victory and Hilary Clinton’s hopeless and meretricious claim that she will be by any means the president of the United States give me the bona fide truth both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are two diametrically opposed individuals.   Donald Trump represents the deplorable, the irredeemable, the forgotten, the despised, the […]


Director James Comey is a very charming and handsome man physically but corrupt spiritually. He is the one who made the entire email mess worthless by letting the criminal Hilary Clinton go free instead of raiding her house and sending her to jail for a number of years.   Who is he to understand the […]

Presidential election

Presidential election   Electing a president in the United States, and for that matter in many other countries, has never been an easy task.   What does it take to elect a president in the United States?   Among many other things, to elect a president in the United States, it takes a substantial amount […]

Most Americans are forgiving people by nature; therefore, whatever crimes Mrs. Hilary Clinton may have committed and continues to commit, millions of Americans will still vote for her in November. The majorities of Democrats favor a person of dishonesty to a person of honesty to achieve their final goal – to occupy the White House […]